Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleepless Nights

I know it's hard to believe, but I am about to shock all of my friends out there with an actual update on my blog. I have just spent an hour trying to figure out my username for the music playlist that has been playing the same song for about 9 months now. FINALLY I figured it out. I will give you peace and quiet for now. For some of you, my blog address sends you to a rascal flatts song and I have absolutely no idea what I have done. I can't control my computer and most of the time and just guessing at everything I do. If this happens to you, will you let me know because I might just start my whole blog over to try to fix this big mess. In about two weeks (which will probably be two months for me) I am going to have my blog go private too. I've heard some funky stories, so please email if you'd like to keep up with my posts (

So like my title said, I've been having some sleepless nights or at least nights that I have about a two hour wait before I can actually sleep. My mind starts thinking about whatever is bugging me for the day and then I can't shut it off. Last night I got irritated because this computer would not read my camera's memory card and none of the usb ports would accept my cord. I got so irritated I laid awake thinking I might throw the whole thing at the window and buy a new one tomorrow. Instead, I went to Costco while Trajan was at football practice today and had my pictures copied onto a disk so that I could load them onto my computer and hopefully sleep tonight. It took me 45 minutes to load just three disks because as clearly stated before......I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING :0) In order to renew my teaching license this fall, I have been taking classes since January (I will have completed six by May). Most of these I took on technology so I could figure out what to do and try to catch up with my children' s knowledge. At school, I can run my computer with no problem. At home....this thing drives me crazy. I suppose I should break down and pay someone to figure out why it messing up and won't recognize anything. We can't load our ipod, pictures or anything else that uses a usb port....if any of you have an ideas, please tell.

I figured I wouldn't want you to spend your entire blogging moments trying to read a gigantic post from the Pili crew, so I will summarize the last few months from, where to start?


*Halloween: Wayland is the activities committee chairperson so we hosted trunk or treat for our ward. There were some glitches here and there, but overall it was super fun with everyone. Our ward is awesome so the kids had a blast. The bummer thing about being in charge is that you don't get to see your own children trunk or treating because you're helping with everything else. Next year, we will delegate better. Trajan wore a wig and dressed up as Troy Polamalu (samoan football player). Kira was straight from the 80's, the boys were from the dance crew Jabawokeez, and Celine was a cheerleader.

*Thanksgiving was really relaxing this year. We spent it with family in town and besides eating ourselves to death, we watched Trajan in a Turkey Bowl football tournament. His team took the gold, so that was super fun. I haven't downloaded that picture and if I try to do it now, I most likely will be here 'til 3 am.

*Christmas was so nice. We of course hosted our ward activity which was a dance and video night. We were a bit short on the budget, so it was pretty easy. As for our own children, it was one of our favorite Christmases ever. We didn't have gobs of gifts, but we spent a lot of time together and really savored the moments we had. As our children are getting older, we relish the time our family can focus just on one another. Beautiful day for us.


* Fall football season ended really awesome!!! Trajan had an exceptional season and was named Team Iron Man and Defensive MVP. He is just starting his spring season and is playing middle linebacker and tight end. At 14 he stands almost 6'1" and weighs 178 pounds. It is REALLY WEIRD to have my little baby boy growing up so fast. We are pretty excited for him to start high school and football next fall. He is doing exceptionally well in school too and is in the finals for Nevada's geography bee this friday. If he wins, he will represent our state in the nationals finals in Washington D.C. We are hoping for the best....mama would love a trip to D.C. :0)

Keenan also finished his football season well being named Offensive MVP . He plays running back and strong safety so not only did he score some touchdowns, but he was able to throw in plenty of interceptions too. It was pretty fun to watch him because it was his first season of tackle and he loved every second of it. Keenan also won the school science fair and was pretty proud. His project was on what was healthier...Vegas tap water or bottled water. Let's just say Vegas DEFINITELY didn't do well. :0)

Logan is playing flag football this season, but I haven't taken one picture yet. I will get that asap!! He is in first grade and seriously loving it. He works really hard and especially loves reading and math. He just celebrated his 8th birthday and will be baptized on April 11th. We can't wait for that special day and will update again on my baby boy. I can't believe he is 8 years old. Times goes so, so fast. As always, he's an outgoing happy boy who still makes us laugh every day.

Kira is not playing any sports right now, but will have cheerleading tryouts in three weeks. She has been stretching like a maniac to try to be able to do the splits by then. She turned 12 in November so I have LOVED being in Young Women's with her. We just went and did baptisms for the dead this past week and I was humbled to be her witness while she did it. There is nothing more special than watching your own daughter serve in the temple. I can't wait until we can go again so I can be there with Trajan too. He cut his leg on a football cleat the night before and wasn't able to attend because it was still pretty yucky. Kira and I are especially looking forward to camp together. She started playing the violin this year and had her first concert. She did awesome!!! She will also be starting her polynesian dancing class next month which I'm looking forward too. I love my kids to know every aspect of their culture.
Celine is way into her Mary Kate and Ashley DVD's. You know....the old ones when they were little and singing and dancing. She loves to have her picture taken and thinks she's "totally into anything with fashion". It makes me laugh because she is so like Kira when she was that age. Celine stays with my mom during the day while I'm at work and loves getting spoiled by Grandma. It makes me quite sad to have my baby girl be five years old. Next year I will have a child in kindergarten, one in second grade, two in middle school and a high schooler. Where has the time gone?

*I realize this is really old news, but I'm going to blog about it just because I want to remember it. Las Vegas got so much snow this year that we actually had a snow day off school. That was a miracle for a junior high teacher like me. My kids and I had the best day here are the pics! For those of you in 'real snow country', this will appear but a measly dropping of snow. For Vegas....we were in heaven and seriously, our school buses are not equipped for snow. It was great!!!

Wayland is still working hard at Fed Ex and I am fully adjusted to teaching full time again. Amidst all of the struggles that are going on in the world today, we feel very blessed by Heavenly Father and are grateful for all he has done for us. Life has thrown us some curve balls, but we have had guidance all the way and that's all that matters. I can feel that I am about to go into a tangent of babbling right now, so I'm going to stop myself. It's midnight and I think I actually might be tired...YEA!!! So there ya have it everyone...a mini update. Of course I missed a thousand things, but we'll just pick up from here on out. I read on somebody's blog that yesterday is a dream and tomorrow is a hope, but today is precious. Make the most out of your day today. Enjoy every ounce of every moment, good, bad and in between, for today will never happen again. Memories are in the making so make them awesome!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello Out There.....

Just a twenty second note to tell you my blog spot has obviously taken a back seat to work, sports, young womens and my family. I check in on all of you, but unfortunately just don't have the time to update like I wish I could. We are all doing very well and I hope to do a big catch up post soon. Maybe Sundays will be my new blogging day?

Monday, October 13, 2008

WOW!!! Where did the time go?

Okay, I realized that it had been a while since I posted, but I didn't realize it had been this long. I won't bore you with every detail of my craziness. I'll just give you some of our favorite highlights.

Of course, it's football season for our boys. We have practices four nights a week and two games every saturday, so you can imagine we are loving every minute. Trajan and Keenan are both doing awesome this season. Trajan has lots of sacks and tackles and Keenan's slid in a few touchdowns and tackles himself. It is so much fun to watch your own kids playing on the field.

Trajan getting ready for the play.

Trajan on the field #96

Keenan and Logan before the game

Keenan on the field as captain :)

Logan, Kira and Celine are not doing any sports right now...we decided they will do spring sports when football isn't so crazy and busy. Trajan will be in high school next year so it will free up some practice time for others.....that's the life of five kids :) So for the meantime, we have a great cheer squad on the boy's sidelines!

Work has been going well and slowly but surely I'm adjusting to getting up at 5:30 every day, getting ready by 6:15, and then heading down to put on a load of laundry. I make the kids lunches, load the dishwasher (somehow I'm always too tired to do it the night before), and get the little kids clothes ready. I put the laundry in the dryer, plop in one more load and quick grab a bite to eat. I wake up the kids , my mom arrives, and I'm out the door. I know that sounds a little busy, but when I'm home by 3:00 pm every day (before my elementary kids get out of school) it's all worth the early morning rush. The down side is that by the time I do all our family evening activities, grade papers, make dinner etc......I can rarely blog. For some reason I have a bit of energy tonight, so although boring, here it is. I've got to keep track of it myself before a year goes by and I haven't written.

Anyway, as a highlight, I got to take a trip up to my hometown to see my best friend, her family, and her parents. I grew up with the Davis crew and have very few memories that they weren't somehow tied into. Perry made some BEAUTIFUL furniture for my bedroom.....a headboard, dresser, and nightstands (check out the picture). Carol spoiled us with so much food I felt like every meal was thanksgiving, and I got to see Laurie's beautiful baby boy. As previously noted, this is the wonderwoman who gave birth to a 10 pound 10 ounces bundle of baby :) We were only able to go up for a couple of days because of football and work, but it was an awesome trip. I remember thinking on my way home how much I missed my small town life. It brought back so many memories for me that it was a bit of a melancholy trip home. I was driving and the kids and Way were sleeping, so it let me have some time to feel sorry for myself. Life is so strange when you look back on where you grew up compared to where you are now. I feel blessed to have friends that have known me so long that they know everything about me and I them. I love being able to just be myself and laugh at long time jokes with eachother. You know, like the fact that Steve, Laurie and I were in 4H and used to tan sheep hides.... And that I grew up drinking the Davis' goat milk.... And that we dressed up as clowns to go sing and dance at old folks homes....(someday I will dare to show these awful pictures)....and every New year's Eve we would jump off the hearth of the fireplace to leap into the new year and Perry would go outside to shoot his rifle in the air. My parents and the Davis parents would play cards for hours on end and the 8 of us (3 of us and 5 of them) would play for hours. We ran around crazy....I don't know how our parents handled it. Those friendships are few and far between and I miss much of those simple times. I loved our children being able to play together and wished I lived closer....thanks goodness we will have the eternities.

Me and Laurie :0) At least I got a picture of us
together this time....

My gorgeous dresser....and might
I add it is engraven handmade
by Perry Davis :) a little bit of
hometown to have with me

The new nightstands

Our headboard...we've never had one :)

The kids playing out back.

Lovin' the fence pose.

Trajan trying to figure out what to do amongst
all of the little folk. Pool was high on his

The famous eating spot for the troops.

Celine and Gabe

Our Moms....Carol and Evelyn

Our Dads.....Sonny and Laddy

Dan (Laurie's hubby), Dan (Laurie's brother)
Laurie, and baby Pete.

Kira with Nate....she loved playing with him.

This is where we ate, and ate, and ate. Lots of
memories at this table let me tell ya :)

So anyways, other than football and our trip, we are same-o, same-o which is actually quite nice. I'm enjoying the everyday things and trying to make the most of my time with my children. I had a bit of a setback about a week ago when I realized that my "baby" Trajan will be out of our home and off for college in 4 1/2 years and that I have raised him already for 3/4 of his life. Where did the time go? I spent about a week really sad as I saw every little piece of my children just growing so quickly before my eyes. A friend of mine wrote a post about her two little girls as she walked them to school and remembering each of their little hands and how they had grown. That was exactly how I had been feeling....Man, I miss my little babies, but I am so proud of how they are growing up and love being their mother. I am very blessed and grateful that Heavenly Father entrusted Way and I with five children to raise in this world. I'm also very thankful for the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation and that our families will be together forever. That's so awesome words cannot even express. Okay, enough of my sentimental journey.

Now to conference.....We were travelling during the morning session on Sunday so I've had to play catch up, but I have to say Conference sundays are my favorite weekends of the year. I hang on every word that the prophet, apostles, and leaders speak to us and always feel rejuvenated to do more and to do it better afterwards. Times are troubling and we need to stand firm and strong against the world. Conference always bolsters me up for that. Our children are faced with so much out there and it's comforting to know that Heavenly Father is guarding each of them and guiding them in their footsteps. My heart is truly full with gratitude for my blessings......

Okay, I'm starting to blab on because it's 11:00 pm and I will probably start not making sense. As it is, I'm jumping all over the place. I will try to do better. I always check on all of my friends out there.....thanks for being better bloggers than I so I can still feel in touch :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Here :)

Sorry everyone for not posting in like FOREVER. Our family is doing really well, but I am just super busy trying to get myself into the routine of everything. I know I haven't commented on any of your blogs, but I am checking in on all of you and love to hear how everything's going and what you are all up to. I'm sure I will get organized soon...that is possible right? lol School is great, my kids are doing awesome, and we are in the full swing of football season. I'll post some pictures soon. My school's student numbers came in very low and a 6th grade teacher had to be surplused.....This is done by seniority, so I totally thought it would be me, but it wasn't. I'm VERY grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing me to stay at a school close to my children. Anyway, I gotta go grade about 180 math papers....doesn't that sound fun everyone? :) Thanks to all of you for being the greatest friends ever. I miss talking to everyone on the phone and catching up with you. Know that you are in my thoughts!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Many Thanks

So I changed our picture finally. Figured it was time to get rid of the old time photo with the guns and booze. lol We are at the St. George Temple in this one....the grounds there are really pretty. But of course, all the temple grounds are lovely :) I have had a really great week and feel much gratitude to my Heavenly Father, so I thought I'd post some of my thoughts for my own memory's sake...skip reading if it's boring :)

I Am Thankful For

*My family....They are more special to me than I can even find words to write.
*My children's first week of school going very well
*My first week of teaching going well...I love it!
*Prayer...the peace it brought me all week was amazing!
*The Book of Mormon....I love how I can read one verse and it will come back to me during the day.
*My Mother....she's a wonderful Grandma to babysit Celine while I'm at work
*My husband's job and his two good's been exactly one year since he tore his achilles.
*Rain....we had a touch of rain this afternoon so I ran outside with the kids to let them run around in it....that was fun!
*Pizza....yep, didn't have to cook tonight!
*Hair my blond highlights. If I just could've kept my toe head blond hair for more than my elementary years :(
*Money...all the bills are paid. That's a miracle.
*Tithing....somehow everything works out when we follow what is right
*Sisters....glad to have mine in town.
*In laws....glad to have them too!
*Dad/ fix it man in the world!! He's a sucker for his girls :)
*A Clean House....we deep cleaned today and it feels great!
*A good mattress....I have been so tired by the time 9 o'clock hits that I put the kids down, get in bed, and don't remember anything until the alarm rings at five.
*My home....I love that it is my family's spot...where we live, love, and laugh together
* I love that sport!
*Friends....I have seriously been blessed with some good ones.
*The birth of my best friends baby....both are healthy and strong. Yea!!! (might I add her son was 10 lbs. 10 oz.)
*Cell phones....I love being able to get a hold of my kids at anytime.
*Music...I like to listen to uplifting music on my way to work. It sets the tone for my day.
*Young Womens....I adore my calling and my girls.
*Youth of the World....I cannot tell you how much I like the diversity of my students. I love that they are all inherently good children who want the most out of their lives. Wish I could hand the gospel right into their laps and rescue some of them from their sad situations.
*My dogs....they always love me no matter what
*My cars....both are running and getting us where we need to go.
*My else would I be doing this?
*My blogging's the best. I can only check in about once a week now, but I love keeping in touch this way.
*My health....I really ought to take it more seriously so I can be around for a long time.
*Sundays....they are a wonderful day of rest.
*My hubby....he's awesome.

I could keep going forever it seems, but won't put you all to sleep. I just have found that in the midst of anything, if I stop and count all of my blessings verses any of my trials or hard times, the blessing will always outweigh anything else. Another thing on my mind......

McCain or Obama? I seriously don't like either very much. I'm republican, but I feel very strongly that something has to change. I'm worried McCain will just keep going how we are. Although, I think I might like Palin as his pick for vice. Obama....hmm....for sure not my favorite. Why oh why didn't Romney work out? :) I want to do a "mini" vote in my math classes and then work the votes out into percentages. I just want to see how my students actually keep up in politics and what their results would be. This is a critical year for our country...very scary.

So that winds me back to my original thoughts...I will count my blessings and have faith that Heavenly Father will guide us. I love knowing I can do that :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

School is going awesome! My kids are all super happy with school. I am loving teaching. And we are all home together by 3:20 in the afternoon :) I am so happy and feel very blessed that things are going great right now. I don't have long to post and I fell asleep at the computer last night looking at other people's blogs (sorry to my friends who got replies that made no sense) lol So this post is going to be short and sweet. Thanks again for all your support and kindness.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Can't Believe It

It's hard to believe summer is over. I always feel a bit sad when I have to say goodbye to my children and send them back to school. I would love to keep them in my arms where I know they are sheltered from all of the bad things in the world. Even though I will be teaching a set of students myself tomorrow, my mind is on my children. I pray Heavenly Father will guard and protect them while they are away from home. I pray they will have the strength to combat the evil that is out there and the strength to stand for what is right. I will think of them every minute of my day and will countdown to the moment I can talk to them and found out every detail of their school day.

Trajan is the big man on campus this year heading into 8th grade. I cannot even fathom the idea that I will have a child in high school in one year. Kira begins junior high this year which is pretty stressful. She is very excited though and feels quite prepared.....Way and I are another story. Keenan is also the big guy at school since he's in fifth grade. Somehow he just doesn't seem old enough to be top of the school....I miss my chubby faced little boy when I see how grown he has become. Logan is entering first grade and is very nervous about eating lunch tomorrow. I hope he feels okay and everything goes smoothly for him. Celine is excited for her Grandma and cousin to be coming to babysit her. Hopefully she won't get too bored....I will have to schedule some play dates for her. I will miss her dearly and it will be a hard adjustment.

Life is amazing isn't it? It just keeps going..... In my mind, I still feel 25. Now I have children who are growing up so quickly and time is racing by me. It's late now, and I should be asleep because I work tomorrow, but here I am wide awake. I just can't stop thinking about their day and my prayers that they will be okay. Maybe it's because I have been at work all week and met many of the junior high aged kids at orientation and reality hit me what my own children face. Maybe I'm just over sentimental because I know that I am back working full-time and that's a bit stressful. Or maybe it's just me....missing my kids already. They are so awesome. I had to make a powerpoint presentation for my classes with all of my procedures....thought that would be a better way than just lecturing. Anyway, I typed in the info. and then asked Kira if she would spruce it up because she's really good at powerpoints and likes to do them. Two and half hours was done and it was awesome!!! She put in so much time to add animation and details that I would NEVER have thought of. She didn't complain or whine, she just made it great for my class. I was so proud of her. I know I talk about my kids on every other post, but they are such great examples to me. I learn from them all the time and can only hope I teach them all they need to know.

Anyway, best better try to find a way to get to sleep....five am will come very quickly I'm sure. To all of you moms out there sending your kids off to school....good luck. I'm sure I can't be the only one feeling sentimental about it. We will all say our prayers and have faith that Heavenly Father is watching over our little ones. It is just so wonderful that we have the knowledge that we have our eternal Father guarding our children. No words can express my gratitude for that kind of guidance. We are all very blessed.